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According to a report available on Radiant Insights, Inc., the worldwide ear syringe market is projected to accrue lucrative gains by 2022. Ear syringe is a simple pump made up of a plunger, which fits tightly in a tube. The device is frequently used for admonishing injections, inserting intravenous drugs into the bloodstream, applying compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measuring liquids. Additionally, it is widely used to remove stubborn ear wax that could otherwise result in blockage of the ear canal.

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Ear wax is a normal occurrence and is naturally formed to create a protecting layer around the skin in the ear tunnel. Ears have a natural, self-cleaning process and the movement of the jaw while talking and eating helps move the wax along the ear tunnel. Under normal circumstances, the body retains a sufficient amount of earwax in the ears. Earwax irrigation can be performed by a doctor or at home using an irrigation equipment.

Hardened or excess earwax may lead to ear blockage, resulting in ear pain or ringing in the ears. In extreme conditions, it could also lead to temporary hearing loss. If an individual has a ear infection for a long duration, ear irrigation is recommended. It is a routine procedure to remove additional earwax (cerumen) and extraneous materials from the ear.The “Sterile Bulb Irrigation Syringe” developed by Medline encapsulates a soft and pliable bulb, which monitors the drawn or expelled volume. 

Besides its easy grip and good handling capability, the control bulb finds usage in clinical settings as it is designed to stand on end.The design of the irrigation syringe aids in reducing or preventing possibility of hand slippage, thereby protecting the barrel or solution container from contamination. 

The syringe is minute in size and malleability of the tube enables deep and painless penetration into the external ear canal. The head of the instrument has a small hole for maintaining flow by placing a finger over it. For an instance, if air pressure is 20 psi or below, the stream ceases as soon as the finger is removed.

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The worldwide ear syringe market is fragmented on the basis of type, end user/application, and region. Based on type, the market is segmented into bulb and tubular. Based on end user, the market comprises home use and hospital use. 

Geographically, the worldwide ear syringe market is divided into North America, Europe, and South Asia.North America accounted for the largest market share thanks to increased availability and adoption of advanced technologies. Extensive use of the product in Europe in distinct applications may drive the growth of this regional market. South Asia is anticipated to exhibit rapid growth owing to increasing job opportunities in emerging countries such as China and India.

Prominent players operating in the market include Biomed, Happersberger Otopront, DeVilbiss Healthcare, and Welch Allyn.About Radiant Insights,IncRadiant Insights is a platform for companies looking to meet their market research and business intelligence requirements. We assist and facilitate organizations and individuals procure market research reports, helping them in the decision making process. 

We have a comprehensive collection of reports, covering over 40 key industries and a host of micro markets. In addition to over extensive database of reports, our experienced research coordinators also offer a host of ancillary services such as, research partnerships/ tie-ups and customized research solutions.

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